John Gerard - Fields of Light
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John Gerard is an artist primarily dedicated to writing and producing music is several different genres. Jazz is his most predominant genre, but fusions of several other styles is not unknown to him. He has contracts with six different publishers and regularly has music supervisors plug his songs and music cues to film and television.

He uses artists and vocalists for specific songs requiring expertise and talent for specific genres. Amy Harvey is an exceptional jazz singer (though she exceptional in other styles). She has brought her talent to several of John Gerard's songs and she has received strong complements from several music producers and executives that have listened to her performance on "Fallin' Out of Love" and "Dapper."

01. Descent PLAY -
02. Deep Light PLAY - BUY -
03. Smiling Sad - Piano and Strings PLAY - BUY -
04. Honey Holiday PLAY - BUY -
05. Solemn Horizon-Guitar PLAY - BUY -
06. Ruffians on Holiday PLAY - BUY -
07. Opaque Drone PLAY - BUY -
08. Get After It - Full Mix PLAY - BUY -
09. Get After It-No Lead Guitar PLAY - BUY -
010. Cherished Romance-Piano PLAY - BUY -