Fields of Light - John Gerard
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Fields of Light is a newly formed band/group of talented musicians and vocalists. John Gerard is the founder of this group and presently there are two talented vocalists/musicians in the group, Amy Harvey and Laura Lester. This group's genres is multifaceted in that their style of music is varied with American and Celtic folk music, soundtrack for movie and television, blues, jazz, unique songs, and pop/rock.
01. Solemn Horizon-Guitar PLAY - BUY -
02. Ruffians on Holiday PLAY - BUY -
03. Opaque Drone PLAY - BUY -
04. Get After It - Full Mix PLAY - BUY -
05. Get After It-No Lead Guitar PLAY - BUY -
06. Cherished Romance-Piano PLAY - BUY -
07. Cherished Romance-Guitars PLAY - BUY -
08. Behind the Scenes-BassDrumsGuitars PLAY - BUY -
09. Behind the Scenes-DrumsBassTenor Sax PLAY - BUY -
010. Behind the Scenes-Piano PLAY - BUY -